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São Miguel Island

Known for its beauty and incredible spots, São Miguel - the main island of the Azores Archipelago - was chosen for the home of the Azores Airlines Pro.


São Miguel, known as "The Green Island", is the largest and most populated island of the Azores as well as the home to the Presidency of the Autonomous Region of the Azores. São Miguel Island has a surface area of approximately 293 square miles (759 km2) and its population is around 150.000 inhabitants.

The capital is Ponta Delgada, the tourist heart of the Azores and the airport is located about
2 kms away from city center.


The climate is mild, with average temperatures of 16ºC (61ºF) during spring, 21ºC (70ºF) in summer, 18ºC (64ºF) in autumn and 14ºC (57ºF) in the winter, which contributes for the luscious flora, with beautiful flowers and cultures like the pineapple, tea, tobacco etc.


The main Azores airport is about 2 kilometers from the centre of the capital city - Ponta Delgada.

You can reach São Miguel Island by plane trough the main European airports, via Lisbon or Oporto (most common), or even from United States of America and Canada.

There are interconnecting flights within the islands and there is the possibility of using the ferries to reach the other islands.

Interesting Spots

Amongst the most interesting spots to visit in São Miguel we enhance:

- Caldeira das Sete Cidades

- Lagoa das furnas

- Ponta Delgada, Ribeira Grande and Vila Franca do Campo

- Sant'Ana Palace

- Convent and Chapel of Our Lady of Hope

- Nordeste region

- Ilhéu de Vila Franca do campo

- Lagoa do Fogo

- Beaches

Coastline and Ocean

São Miguel coastline offers sea lovers natural black sanded beaches and natural pools nested between rocks.


The most popular beaches in São Miguel are “Populo” and “Milicias” near Ponta Delgada. Both have long stretches of sand and involving exuberant vegetation.

There are many other choices: the scenic beach of Mosteiros, the welcoming beach of Vinha de Areia, the Água de Alto beach amongst others. The water temperature warmed by the Gulf Stream is a pleasant surprise.

Surfing Spots

The most rated surf spots are Anjos, Areias, Baixa da Viola, Ponta dos Mosteiros, Populo, Praia Formosa, Rabo de Peixe, Ribeira Grande, and Santa Iria.

Natural Pools

These natural pools were originated by the volcanic activity and sea erosion, with clear waters are by the dozens along the coastline. The most knowned is in Vila Franca and was created by the crater of a volcano, followed by the Mosteiros and Ferraria, with the curiosity of having a sub aquatic source of hot water.


There is a large variety of restaurants offering good food in São Miguel. Bellow we list some:

Alcides (São Miguel – Ponta Delgada)
Probably the most famous restaurant in Ponta Delgada renowned by its Alcides steak.
It was completely renewed in 2009 but with the same quality since 1908.
Tel: +351 296 629884

100 Espinhas (São Miguel – Ponta Delgada)
The restaurant 100 Espinhas is located at the modern “Portas do Mar” marina and it’s a comfortable space where you can eat fresh fish like tuna, swordfish or white grouper.
Tel: +351 296 098485

O Corisco (São Miguel – Ponta Delgada)
Opened since 1977, this typical restaurant is located in the historical center of Ponta Delgada.
The Corisco has a pleasant atmosphere, a very diversified menu and live performances during dinner.
Tel: +351 296 284 444

O Nacional (São Miguel – Ponta Delgada)
Cozy restaurant located in the heart of Ponta Delgada with a regional and international menu.
Tel: +351 296 629949

Açores Marisqueira (São Miguel – Ponta Delgada)
Sea food specialities
Tel: + 351 296 385093

Alabote (São Miguel – Ribeira Grande)
One of the best restaurants in the region opens from 12h00 to 02h00 every day, except Tuesdays when it is closed. It has live music all weekends.
Its unique architecture and location make of Alabote a special venue.
Tel: +351 296 473 516

Monte Verde (São Miguel – Ribeira Grande)
Wide variety of fresh fish ready to grill.
Tel: +351 296 472975

O Miroma (São Miguel – Furnas)
Here you eat the “cozido” (hollows meat) cooked with the heat of the land.
Take care: you can only have it if you previously called the restaurant to book.
It’s located in Povoaçao (Furnas)
Tel: +351 296 584422

Águas Quentes (São Miguel – Furnas)
Welcoming restaurant with specialities like bacalhau (codfish) boiled in the caldeiras.
Tel: +351 296 584482

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